Turkish Air Handling Units Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish air handling units, Turkey air handling units manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality air handling units from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

IMBAT SOGUTMA ISITMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s industrial cooling systems, chiller groups, cold storage units, deepfreeze units, blast freezers, polyurethane panel insulations, cold storage doors, rippening rooms, forced air coolers, dry coolers, cooling towers, air handling units, ventilating units, industrial cooling systems
ISKARSAN ISITMA SOGUTMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Yakup Oğuzorhan    
s air handling units, bolts-nuts, channel profiles, clips, corners, dampers, flexible pipes, grilles, perforce shops, rods, weather channel, bolts&nuts
FORM ENDUSTRI TESISLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Serap KORUN    
s chillers, heat pumps, cooling towers, air handling units, fancoils, computer room air conditionings, dehumidifications, smoke curtains, natural ventilation systems, evaporative coolers, cooling systems, coolers, natural lightings, lighting systems, farm cooling systems, greenhouse cooling systems, greenhouse heating systems, heating systems, eliminators, industrial drift eliminators, humidifiers, fans, light filters, heat exchangers, mist eliminators, chiller, heat pump, cooling tower, heat exchanger, cooler, air handling unit, lighting system, heating system, fan, humidifier, greenhouse heating system, cooling system, greenhouse cooling system, fancoil, smoke curtain, evaporative cooler, computer room air conditioning, dehumidification, natural ventilation system, natural lighting, farm cooling system, eliminator, industrial drift eliminator, light filter, mist eliminator
s air handling units, water chillers, water cooling towers
ADL KLIMA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s fire dampers, grills, stainless steel chimneys, mufflers, air handling units
ALFA KLIMA MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ferruh Çatıkkaş    
s heating system, cooling system, air conditioning installations, joint installations, mechanical projects, systems engineering, air conditioning service, air conditioning maintenance, repair, periodic maintenance, central heating installation, fire installation, air handling units, air conditioners, precision air conditioning, chiller, automatic control systems, compressed air systems
s culverts, diffusers, diffusers swirl, blinds, dampers, flange air duct system, accessories, air handling units, cooling, heating
GEA ISISAN TESISAT INSAAT A.S.        Türkiye         
s air conditioning systems, air handling units, happel fan-coil devices, denco close control devices, underfloor air conditioning, decentralised industrial systems, happel hot air curtains, happel exhaust fans, happel chillers and heat pumps, happel dehumidifier for, control systems, clean rooms, air filtration
s culverts, diffusers, special diffusers, spiral diffuser, outside air shutters, blinds, dampers, adjustment flow elements, wow terminal accessories, silencers, air handling units, air conditioning systems, terminal units, fancoil, chillers, roof-top, hygienic equipment
ASPAC AMBALAJ TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Volkan YORKAN    
s building materials, building material, hardware product, hardware products, pipes, flanges, pipe fittings, plumbing materials, natural gas supplies, insulation products, insulation materials, fasteners, mechanical products, flat flanges, blind flanges, pipe flanges, heating flanges, swivel flanges, rotary flange rings, welding neck flanges, threaded flanges, gaskets, tees, inegal tees, transition nozzles, concentric reducers, gas boilers, panel radiators, kitchen and bathroom tiles, pvc pipes, packaging, generators, rubber, bathroom accessories, cooling systems, packaging materials, bathroom, transformers, boxes, fans, shower, ventilation systems, packaging products, rectangular shower trays, boilers, cardboard boxes, stands, air conditioning systems, power cable, food packaging products, building automation, plumbing, offset products, sewage systems, aluminum sheets, cartons, glass wool, vacuum cleaners, offset, air curtains, pharmaceutical packaging, corrugated boxes, air handling units, aluminum disc, heating systems, spa products, ups, air conditioners, cardboard, industrial packaging products, fan coils, rock wool, data cable, regulators, heat recovery units, air conditioning and ventilation systems, drainage and sewerage systems, rectangular tub, cosmetics packaging products, textile packaging products, metallized boxes, pvc and steel pipes, corrugated galvanized sheets, freckles, pool dehumidification plants, flexible air ducts, rain water installations, heating and heating supply, steam system, circular bathtub, metalized printed boxes, micro-corrugated boxes, micro plaster must cans, foil stamping practical boxes, acetate window boxes, plaster-box, foil stamping box
PAMSAN KLIMA HAVALANDIRMA SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s air handling units, heat recovery units, extractors, sound absorbers for, muffler, fire damper, air damper, hepa plenum boxes boxes, diffusers, blinds
KLIMATECH A. S.        Türkiye     Mustafa Fatih BAŞPEHLİVAN    
s air conditioning systems, ventilating systems, cooling systems, heating systems, air conditioners, air-conditioners, air conditionings, air conditioning plants, air handling units, ventilation systems, venting systems, refrigerating systems, air conditioning equipments, ventilating equipments, ventilation equipments, cooling equipments, heating equipments, air conditioning system, ventilating system, cooling system, heating system, air conditioner, air-conditioner, air conditioning, air conditioning plant, air handling unit, ventilation system, venting system, refrigerating system, air conditioning equipment, ventilating equipment, ventilation equipment, cooling equipment, heating equipment, cooling of actuators, shafts, generators, tools, cooling of flame spraying systems, cooling of coating machines, refrigerated cabinets, fault detection and repair, cooling tables fault detection and repair, shock coolers fault detection and repair, cold rooms, fault detection and repair, ice machines fault detection and repair
NUSRET KLIMA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s snail aspirator, appliances, axial fans, cell aspirator, air handling units, propellers, heating, cooling, air conditioner, air conditioner, air handling units, heating, propellers, axial fans, cooling, appliances
AS SOGUTMA KLIMA A.S.        Türkiye     Gökalp KESİKOĞLU    
s cooling systems, refrigeration products, industrial refrigeration products, household refrigeration products, industrial cooling systems, household cooling systems, water cooling units, water cooling systems, water cooling towers, package type air conditioners, air handling units, milk cooling tanks, air coolers, air conditioners without compressor, ice type chillers, household water cooling systems, industrial water cooling systems, water cooling systems with compressor, water cooling products
BULUT GROUP        Türkiye     Özlem Bulut    
s air handling units, aspirator, building materials, fan-coil units, heat recovery units, fan-coil units, heat recovery units
ACS KLIMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Volkan ÇAĞLAR    
s hvac, ahu, airconditioning, heat recovery, heat exchanger, fan, dehumidifying, humidifying, air handling units, heat pumps, cell aspirators, air handling unit, heat pump, steam humidifiers, filter boxes, refrigerating units, filters, steam humidifier, filter boxe, refrigerating unit, filter, cell aspirator, air conditioning
s air conditioning, air conditionings, air handling unit, air handling units, conditioning technology, conditioning technologies
s fans, duct type fans, td silent, td fans, cab fans, radial fans, cbp fans, fda fans, bdb fans, cbm fans, roof type fans, crhb fans, hctb fans, axial fans, hxm fans, mini axial fans, silent design, silent, decor, tdm, edm, hcm-n, hv, eb/ebb, exproof fans, th exproof fans, td exproof fan, tcdh exproof fans, ilt exproof fans, hdt fans, plastic fans, ttmix, ttmix100 - plastic fan, ttmix pro, ttmix pro 200 - polipropilen fan, flexible ducts, air supply, exhaust, dampers, duct equipments, air handling units, fan coils, heat recovery units, filters, insulation materials, galvanized steel sheet, hvac
s air handling units, air cooled water chillers, fancoil units, swimming pool air handling units, climatization, air conditioning, air-conditioning systems, heating-cooling systems, air-conditioning systems
s laboratory air conditioner, panel room air conditioner, crane cab cooler, water chiller unit, heat pump heat recovery unit, air handling units, hygienic type air conditioner, pool dehumidification unit, heat recovery, cooling tower, fan coil, germination room, ripening systems, blast freezing, package type storage units, condensing unit, evaporator, central cold storage system, water chiller unit